Baylaurel Press Baylaurel Press is an independent publishing firm in Mill Valley, California devoted to written material and photography about military history, dogs, and outdoor adventure on land and sea.

Bill Buchanan, author and principal of the firm, has written three books: Living with Brittanys: a Survival Guide; Full Circle: A Marine Rifle Company in Vietnam; and Fur Kids: A Life with Dogs. The authorís experiences as a climber, backcountry skier, forest fire fighter, U.S. Marine, and Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation are reflected not only in the books, but in published articles and essays, some of which are available for review at Our Adventure Blog

Exceptionally well written
"Full Circle is an exceptionally well written and perceptive account that gives pride and meaning well above and beyond the usual story of Marines in combat..."
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Join the Timberline Geezers, a bunch of ski mountaineers in their fifties and sixties as they traverse some of the most beautiful snowscape in the Western U.S.

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