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Bill Buchanan, author and principal of the firm, has written three books: Living with Brittanys: a Survival Guide; Full Circle: A Marine Rifle Company in Vietnam; and Fur Kids: A Life with Dogs. The authorís experiences as a climber, backcountry skier, forest fire fighter, U.S. Marine, and Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation are reflected not only in the books, but in published articles and essays, some of which are available for review at Our Adventure Blog

Exceptionally well written
"Full Circle is an exceptionally well written and perceptive account that gives pride and meaning well above and beyond the usual story of Marines in combat..."
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Exceptionally well written...
Full Circle is an exceptionally well written and perceptive account that gives pride and meaning well above and beyond the usual story of Marines in combat. All the heroics and heartbreak are there. But Buchanan adds unusual understanding not only of the men who fought alongside him, but also of what they were fighting for in Vietnam . This book is hard won, invaluable battle lore for all Marines, but especially for new generations of platoon commanders and non coms who, like Buchanan, will always be the ones called upon to 'take the point' in combat operations for their distinguished Corps.

James Rosenthal,
former U.S. Marine and U.S. Ambassador.

I just finished reading Full Circle . Thank you for making the effort to write this book. I've read a fair amount of books on our military involvement in Southeast Asia and your work is one of the best I've encountered. I really admire the courage and dedication our military personnel exhibited in that theater. Thank you for serving your country with such professionalism and valor.

Adam Hughes
December 8, 2004

I recently read Full Circle and was compelled to express my whole-hearted approval. To use a Marine Corps descriptor, it was truly outstanding. You have written a very honest, very significant book, which dispels many of the myths and bullshit connected with our generation's war. Thank you for what you have done. Like you, I hold dear the Corps and memory of those amazing kids and NCOs who peopled our ranks.

John E. Denton
Marine Officer, FBI Special Agent
September 3, 2004

Just a short note to tell you the story of Golf Company you wrote about after I left (12 October 1966) was so captivating and moving. I could relate so well to the events. You did a superb job of bringing out what the Marine's life was like in jungle warfare. The weathered clothing, sand in the boots, sleep deprived and exhausted feeling that we must live with in combat, all returned as I read your words. I want to thank you for devoting so much work into the book and forever capturing these moments that so many of us lived through in our dedication to our country. It is a great book and one I will prize and feel proud to share with the many people in my life. Semper Fi.

Larry Hardaway
Marine Vietnam Vet and Purple Heart recipient
February 2004

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